Tips for a good car trip

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Hello! Today we’ll talk about some factors so that we can achieve a great trip and we’re out of trouble, after all, most of us travels rightfully so, to forget them!

First of all! Plan what you need to take, just think of the principal and that is adaptable to the place you want to relax, I highlight here especially the climate of the place.

So here we go:
Proper Clothing: for example, let’s say you are traveling to Brazil, you see that in some Brazilian cities are having a very strong cold wave, then if you go to some of these cities, specifically the cities of the south of the country or even São Paulo, know that you are leaving a warm climate, then buy clothes suitable to the city you want to go;
Read a little about the place you visit: This tip is important and you should take into consideration just for one reason in particular: Security! Has many people who do not plan or seek to know more detailed information such as the level of crime in the area, this is very important, unfortunately there are people who do not take this into account and end up being mugged in places thought to be safe, or thing worse, so be wary;
This tip is also very important if you will be traveling by car, make a check of the main items of your vehicle, tires, engine, brakes, oil level, all you can, do it! This is a flat part and a lot of people ignores walk normally with the car through the city and a trip just end up entering the same and leaving. What you need to know is that on longer trips, it is necessary to do a check on your car even if it is still half the time for it. We have all come across those cars stopped on the shoulder of the road and the engine cover up, know that in most cases this is because failure to comply with that here we are dealing with.
In addition to checking the above security items, other important thing is to see the status of your vehicle with the Detran of your state, we often find that the situation of the vehicle is in order, and inadvertently ended up having a damn nice surprise as we passed by state or federal barriers. Then do it if you do not know how to proceed in the Detran website, enter the site and understand better;
Another important tip is: Whenever possible, go together. Of course, there are people who like to do things themselves and there is nothing wrong, but together gives you the chance to know the other person better and have someone else to help if needed.
Learn as much as you can: Learn everything you can with your trip, talk to the people of that city / state / country, know something about the place through them, nothing like inside information from someone who already lives and knows the place.
Finally, be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest is what we want!

To the next.